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The Painting Process

The Oil Paints

Generally we use Winsor & Newton, Rembrandt and Grumbacher at Oil Paintings World. To make the colors pure, rich and vibrant, the oil paints utilized by our artists are specifically formulated and absolutely a perfect balance of oil content and color pigment.

The Canvas

Our artists use high quality, 100% cotton canvas that is coated with acid-free titanium gesso, which ensures long term life for museum quality paintings. Cotton canvas has very durable fabric for oil painting. Canvases with a bigger weave are ideal for thick textured paintings and the finer weave canvases are well for finer works like portraits and architectures.

The Painting Brushes

Round, Flat, Bright, Filbert, Fan, Angle, Mop, and Rigger. Each type of paintbrushes comes with several sizes. As a painting process we usually go from using larger brushes to smaller brushes for details.

Our Artists At Work

STEP 1. Sketch the rough shapes
Sketch is the first step of a great oil painting. Our master artists sketch out the outline of the object by skilled brushwork to makes sure the dimensions and proportion of the reproduction will be correct.
STEP 2. First Layer of Paint
In this step, we begin to apply paint to the canvas with larger brushstrokes to paint the base color. The color of this layer decides the accent of the final painting.
STEP 3. Building subjects
Once the base color is finished, the painting is left to dry before the artists begin the next step. In this step, the forms of the objects are built and a general idea about the painting is clear since the outline is all defined.
STEP 4. Adding details, shading, color contrast and highlights
It is the most important stage in oil painting process. The artists use different sizes and types of brush, various painting techniques to make sure the oil painting reproduction will be represented very close to the original one in mood and features.
STEP 5. Final details
Last but not least, the artists carefully check the painting to make sure the painting is in perfect condition before its photos are taken for the customers review and final approval.